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Becky & Guy

Becky & Guy came from Manchester to tie the knot in Lowther, they wont mind me saying but they probably had the most suppliers I have ever come across at a wedding, I apologise as I cant remember the links to them all, we had a Pianist, String Quartet, a Magician and silhouettist, an MC and a Harpist, there was a band in the evening we had Flowers and props from Brenda at Gardenalia, Cars and Coaches from Cumbria Classic Coaches, Karen Hill did the make up, SVL the lighting outside and in and Stuart Groves the Video, Phew!! This was all pulled together by the lovely Annabel Candler, a wedding planner from the Penrith area. The rain came down all day but the whole place looked smelled and sounded amazing, Askham Hall is a terrific venue I have come to know well since this wedding, this was the first wedding I photographed there, it was also the first time I had worked with Annabel but couldn’t recommend her highly enough, so let me say a little more on this, the role of the wedding planner.

After working with Annabel that day there have been many times I have wished she had been present at my weddings to keep things running smoothly. I think the role of the wedding planner is highly undervalued, from just a single client meeting for getting ideas and suggestions of suppliers and timings etc. to the full shebang i.e. the hand over of running the whole precedings. As a wedding tog I observe the whole day from the girls makeup till the dancing I often suggest a working time line with my couples to keep us on track and I do help them with this but my job is to observe and take beautiful pictures not manage the time keeping and know if there is enough confetti and umbrellas, the locations of errant ushers and how the button holes go on and indeed where they actually are, oh the list can be endless and we are not in church yet…! To complicate matters further, there are now many, what I call DIY weddings, amazing barns and halls, tipi’s & marquees etc. all to be decorated beautifully with lanterns, bunting and lights and that’s before the party starts, it’s a big job to pull all the days components together even without things going wrong which they can very often do. This is where your ‘Annabel’ will come in, in fact I can honestly say after closely observing over 450 weddings with all the avoidable hiccups and stress I would strongly suggest if you have a big day planned and bigger expectations you don’t attempt this without an Annabel.