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Claire & Matthew

Claire & Matthew are and I am sure they wont mind me saying were one of the sweetest and youngest couples I have ever photographed. I adored the entire family there was a great deal of love in the air this particular day. The forecast was dreadful so we had a wet weather plan, always a top idea but in the end we were very fortunate with the weather which resulted in some lovely images taken outside the church as the family gathered. So my tip for you is; if you have the chance to arrive at the church and remain outside and chat and meet and greet your family and friends they can make for the most intimate and precious set of photographs. I don’t interfere with the wedding party as the couple walk out of the door of the Church, as this is when the real stuff happens. I tell all my couples not to worry about the photographs that’s my problem, you just be yourselves and talk and hug everyone who has come to share the day with you, that’s the best material I could ask for and I’m sure what every couple would prefer to do anyway! Then throw in my favourite “confetti cannons” as you are leaving, get in the car and make a fabulous dramatic exit, that’s to me how it should be done, call me old fashioned but I think its rather romantic to leave like that. Very rare is the couple or guests who want to do a bunch of formal family shots in the church grounds and there really is no need, lets do those at the venue when we all have a warm seat and a glass of bubbles to hand. I actually diverted this lovely pair to Heads Nook Hall as the weather was so bad for some inside pictures it was en-route and Malcolm the owner couldn’t have been kinder. Do have a wet weather plan though, it is essential and often makes the sun come out, while on the subject these guys also hired the white brollies form wwwhireabrolly.com, Brenda from Gardenalia did all the flowers and the Roller is from Silver Lady, Longtown, a lovely family business, Claire’s dress is from Champagne Brides of Workington and The Leroy Johnson Band the Music.