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Laura & Edward

Laura & Edward travelled up from London for their Lake District wedding. Laura a Cumbrian lass at heart originally came from the Kirkoswald where her parents still live and her lovely dress was made by a local Lady there, Jacqueline Kidd. Ed arranged a rather special Jag to do the honours so the bride arrived in style into the centre of a very busy Hawkshead to make her way up the hill to St Michaels Church, which occupies a very wonderful spot overlooking the village. I have to thank Nick Hallam the Vicar there, who had no objections to me shooting during the service, unfortunately this isn’t always the case, good photographers don’t need to use a flash inside these dark churches and we now have quite silent shutters for such moments, years of experience tell us when its appropriate to shoot and not to shoot and where to position ourselves. Occasionally we come across a Father/vicar or Minister that objects hugely and allows precious little photography usually due to a previously bad experience of noise and nuisance. So as the couple its helpful to reassure him or her that you haven’t got someone new to the business or even a relative without the appropriate lenses and cameras. The images during the ceremony are some of my favourites so it’s always worth getting the Minister on side for your photographer.