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Sarah & Andrew

Sarah a local lady got ready at her family home just down the road, Andrews family came up the evening before from Cumbria and enjoyed a lovely family gathering in the private Hall all decked with Christmas lights before the big day. The ceremony was the first one to take place in the rather glamorous barn in the courtyard with a marquee alongside which was equally glamorous and cosy with winter touches and just a nod to Christmas. I need to mention the Bridesmaids look here, very Downtown Abbey I thought and nice to see a soft colour on these ladies, a break from the frequent winter colour of choice, the burgundy dress! These pale shades look great in your black & white images, its worth mentioning that if you pick dark coloured bridesmaids dresses or flowers, typically red roses for example they then become dark grey or black in any black & white images, so if you like your black & whites then worth a consideration. Cobalt blues, aubergine’s, dark pinks etc.. all popular colours but for the most part these images will need to stay in colour.